Who are we?

The answer is in the logo. Why the dragon?

A dragon flies wherever it pleases. Within it, it harbors a powerful fire that cannot be extinguished. The dragon grows stronger, wiser, and more resilient every day as it learns, overcomes obstacles, and fails. The only way to stop that Sick Beast is to kill it.

We believe everyone can be that dedicated, courageous, and unstoppable. We want everyone interested in our cause to do just that: to be like a dragon; to fiercely burn, and freely soar.


To provide quality fitness apparel to those on their journey of self improvement.


To empower the world to be the best version of themselves.


To motivate, inspire, and educate on how to push yourself harder to become more than you are now.


  1. Quality
  2. Comfort
  3. Education
  4. Motivation


Sick Beast was founded in 2020 with one goal in mind: to inspire people to reach their unlimited potential; to free their inner beast. Every single piece of clothing, social media post, and message that Sick Beast creates is meant to improve and inspire others.

Sick Beast's vision is to spread like wildfire the idea that anyone can become stronger, happier, and more effective as a person if they are open to making changes, one small tweak at a time.

My name is Ryan Bennett and I own Sick Beast. This is me, pictured to the left at age 14.

In this picture, I was about to start football. I weighed about 125 pounds and was maybe 5' 7". Pretty skinny, but a good base to start on.

This is me at my PHYSICAL prime in college. 18 years old and working out consistently 6 days per week, I weighed 190 pounds at 5' 9". Consistent protein intake, consistent focused workouts, and consistent increasing of weight and small improvements of form over the years. I'm going to go out on a limb and claim that I became a Sick Beast.

I'm telling you this so you know that our ability to become healthy is largely dependent on our constant daily habits. Want to start your fitness journey? Download the Free Workout Plan listed at the top of this page. It contains all the workouts I did to get this physique. And it was simple.

I hope this gives insight into what I learned in my personal fitness journey. 

Fiercely burn; freely soar. Free Your Inner Beast!


Ryan Bennett
Owner & Founder of Sick Beast